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Your Guide to Xero Tips: Organizing Your Contacts

Strong customer and vendor relationships are essential for business success. Savvy entrepreneurs keep these business contacts well organized and easily accessible. Until recently this contact information was primarily maintained in paper formats, such as the infamous...

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Your Guide to Xero Tips: Automating Bill Entry

Entering bills proactively makes it easier to plan cash flow. During tough times, understanding your cash flow is essential to the survival of your business. But entering bills before paying them is twice as much work. How can we streamline the bill entry process so...

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Your Guide to Xero Tips: The Basics on Bills

Do you remember when we used to rely on paper roadmaps to get where we needed to go? Although those maps were helpful, they were also very limited compared to the interactive maps most of us have on our mobile phones today. An effective accounting system is a roadmap...

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Your Guide to Xero Tips: Documentation is the key

Learn how to achieve greater efficiency in your business by integrating your filing system right into your accounting software. Innovative features like Xero Files, Hubdoc, and AutoEntry can help automate document filing and data entry.

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Your Guide to Xero Tips: Bank Feeds 101 – Just The Basics

The beauty of Xero is the bank feed concept. Running Xero without bank feeds is like driving a race car on city streets. Without bank feeds your Xero file will never be able to reach its full potential. So what exactly is a bank feed? It’s a live connection to your...

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