We have chosen to work with the types of businesses we know and love.

We understand the unique challenges of your industry, and can provide practical advice and support to make sure your business runs smoothly.

Our Values

How do you gauge the success of your business?

True success isn’t a monetary measurement – it’s the quality of life that your business allows you – the freedom to be your own boss, the ability to offer a valuable and meaningful service to others, perhaps even the opportunity to work together with family.

Having a financial advisor greatly improves your chances of success.

Small businesses succeed when they work closely with advisors. In fact, small businesses on Xero who are connected to an advisor grow their net profit 23 percent faster than those who are not. Yet, we’ve found that only 32 percent of all small business owners have an accountant, and almost half of small businesses lack an advisor of any kind. 

– Keri Gohman, President of Xero Americas

  • 50% 50%


of all new businesses fail within the first five years

  • 85% 85%


of small businesses using Xero make it past the five year mark

As small business owners we are naturally passionate about what we do. But enthusiasm and talent don’t guarantee success. An adventurous spirit can quickly become bogged down under daily struggles with employees, cash flow, and tax deadlines. To ensure that your dream of business ownership is a lasting reality, your business must have solid financial guidance.

  • 90% 90%


of small businesses using Xero have an advisor

Defining our niche… and our new name

We accept that the future of accounting is in the cloud, and we are proud to promote XERO as our preferred cloud accounting solution. Xero is a very intuitive and flexible system that can be easily adapted as the business grows. The multitude of high quality third-party integrations available on the Xero App Marketplace make it simple to customize Xero to your particular business and industry needs. Collaboration is easy since your data lives securely in the cloud.

Modern accounting systems are efficient, accessible, and user friendly

Xero is the core accounting system that we use for ourselves and our clients.

When we established Palace Bookkeeping Services in 2004, bookkeeping and accounting processes relied heavily on desktop software and paper documents. Thanks to beautiful accounting software like Xero, our business model has changed drastically, making it easy for us to provide remote accounting and support to specialized small business clients located in over a half a dozen states.

The Services We Offer

Our firm provides a variety of services, ranging from the initial set-up and conversion of your accounting file to final year-end reporting. We offer diagnostic review and file clean-ups, “after the fact” historical compilation, procedural and product training, routine monthly accounting and payroll services, along with various business tax preparation services.

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